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Learn REAL English from REAL businesses!

At BeNative, we teach Business English the right way- from real American businesses! With videos from various companies in New York, San Francisco, Texas, and more, you can learn how to speak REAL Business English from actual businesspeople. We have a wide variety of videos including typical business situations that most businesspeople commonly face.

Learn how to use Business English phrases and expressions

Have you ever wondered how to say specific English expressions in a business environment?
We collected the most commonly used speech patterns and phrases to make English easier to understand!
Watch how these entrepreneurs use phrases such as “get into” in a variety of contexts

Learn how to interact in business situations

Watch businessmen and businesswomen as they go through daily tasks such as holding meetings,
making phone calls, checking into a hotel, or even ordering dinner at a restaurant.
By watching these videos, you will learn how to interact naturally and efficiently when you are in the same situation!

Conveniently optimized for all your devices

BeNative Premium is now optimized for iOS and Android phones and tablets, in addition to personal computers.
Now you can enjoy learning English whenever and wherever you want!

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